Thank You

Today, April 23rd, 2003 has been a bit of an emotional day for me. Three years ago today, my mother ( passed away. It was also Easter. April 21st was Good Friday and my mother's birthday. The last 8 months I have had a bit of a hard time as I was not taking care of myself very well and came close to passing away myself.

I went to the Veterans Hospital today for a doctors appointment. I wear a Marine Corps shirt most of the time when I go. On my way home I stopped at a store and the cashier asked me if I had been in the corps. I said yes, a long time ago. I joined at the end of '74. I know Vietnam was winding down, but we didn't leave there until mid '75. Thus I am considered a Vietnam era veteran, though I don't claim it as I never went to Vietnam. Today for the first time, someone told me “thank you”. I never realized how much those two words can affect one. It is still bringing tears to my eyes. The only time in the last 29 years someone actually said it to me. I told them that it had been a long time ago knowing a lot of people are proud of our troops of today and they told me “thank you” again.

I have always been proud to have been in the Marine Corps as my father before me.  I have just never felt the pride as much as today.

Thank you to all the other troops who have served in our armed services without your “Thank you”.


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