September 11, 2001 & religion

If I had the time I would fix everything in the world.

There have been more people killed in the world in the name of religion than anything else. Many people believe that if we did away with religion, that much the killing would stop. The problem is, the killing done in the name of religion, is done by fanaticals of all religions, either currently or in the past.

On the weekend following the events of September 11, 2001, I was watching the news and listened to ministers preaching hatred. They were saying that what was done, was done by the devil. The people that created the events of September 11 believed that they were doing what they did in the name of God, their God. Anyone who believes that their way is the only way is much of the problem. The only way the world will advance is with tolerance!

If we were to do away with a religion it would only be replaced with something else for the extremists. Religion would be replaced with race, color, sports teams, or some other thing. All one has to do is look at the soccer games in Europe. Many people support their soccer teams as others do religion at this time. We see riots and fighting quite often at games.

I do not want to see everybody become meek. The world would become a very boring place.

There's a phrase that is becoming very old "why can't we all learn to live together".

Well, why can't we?!

I have been watching all the flag waving here in the area I live. Boy there are a bunch of hypocrites. Ask most to make a sacrifice and see where it gets. Most would not be willing to give up their fancy cars and cushy jobs and work at an airport, cleanup in New York or anything else. Some might give you a check. They want to buy their patriotism.

I have traveled the world a bit. I was a US Marine Embassy Guard some years ago. Most people in America couldn't find other American states on a map, let alone other countries in the world. They do not have any idea what it is like to live anywhere else in the world. A dollar fifty for gas is terrible. I remember paying five dollars a gallon, twenty years ago when we could get it. We were happy at that.

I was reading an article by Bob Cringely where he basically states the reason the hijackers hit New York was for publicity. I totally agree with that point. As stories have come out, it appears that Atlanta was also a target. Is it not odd that CNN is based there? The world sees it's news on CNN. Most people around the country would have already forgotten the horrible incidents from September 11th if it were not for the news. The news will continue stories until the ratings go down. It is a shame, but that is the way it is.

I was told that the hijackers crashing the planes into the World Trade Center in New York has caused a lot of effect on our economy. I don't think it has had a major impact. What has effected our economy is that four airplanes were hijacked at once and the FAA closed all the airports around the country. With this radical move for our government (obviously unprepared) the confidence our the general public in flying has gone. With the news stories that there were possibly other planes that were about to be hijacked, there is not confidence yet. People seem to miss the fact that the others that were about to be hijacked were not. I think this is due to the quick movement of the government to ground all the planes so quickly. Just think of the publics confidence if ten planes had ended up hijacked that morning.

Anyone that has listened to the news in the past and has paid attention to information about these "cells" of terrorists is that they operate independently. This keeps them separate from other terrorist cells if someone gets caught, no one else gets implicated. This is now a total change in policy. The incidents of September 11, 2001 were not carried out by one cell. The operations of that day were carefully coordinated with numerous cells. We have never heard of this before. It sounds like the intelligence world is left out in the cold.

This brings us to the next and most important point. On one side we have no controls and anarchy and on the other side we have total control. The United States has been moving to less and less controls via liberal government for many years now. Nothing has happened on our soil since World War Two. At that time a foreign military attacked our military. Not this time. We are going to get more controls now! The question is just how many will we accept. I personally believe we need more control. The question is just how much more I am willing to accept. How about you? This is the point that has come about with no discipline in schools. Parents won't and don't want their children punished or disciplined. Those children then grow up as children of "priviledge" and don't ever expect to follow rules any more. This is the way our military has gone. The next war our country is involved in the commanders will probably have to ask pretty please can we fight now. They may have to wait for the union to vote on it too.


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