Life is Cheap

If I had the time I would fix everything in the world.

The price of a life is cheap.

A few years ago, (about 1990) I worked with a man who drove race cars on the weekends. One weekend here in Dallas there was a basketball tournament. He got a stand to sell sodas to the crowd. His race car crew chief came by to visit. He and a friend left and went riding on their motorcycles. With in fifteen minutes, he was dead. He was run over on a local highway.

A man came along in a car and ran him over. The man stopped up the road about a quarter mile and pulled the motorcycle out from under his car and then left. Left the motorcycle rider to die on the side of the road with his friend.

The man was found the next morning sitting in his car. He was arrested for being drunk and later charged with the motorcycle riders death. His car was out of the pound the next day and fixed before pictures could even be taken of it. He was released the day before the man's funeral. The police told the family that he would probably never serve another day in jail.

The man's lawyer would get the case postponed for about a year. This would give the man time to go to church regularly and to go to alcoholic anonymous for a good amount of time. He would now claim he was sick and seeking treatment. He would also claim to be a born again Christian. This area has a lot of Baptists and born again Christians. By asking for a jury trial the jury will feel sorry for the sick man seeking treatment and let him off with maybe some probation.

What about the dead man. Oh, I forgot to tell you, this was his eleventh incident. Just how many people does he get to kill?

Now it is the middle of 2002.

The boy across the street was killed a few weeks ago. His funeral had about 500 people at it. About half his age and the rest adults. His age, 20. He was riding a jet ski on a Thursday evening on a local lake and was hit by a drunk in a boat.

The man that hit my neighbor was in jail for about two days. His family lives in a big house on the lake. His family used to own a big horse ranch that Hollywood types would come to and buy horses. The family gives a lot of money to the local city. The police all knew the drunk and it appears were friends with him. He refused a blood test. The police now say they don’t have enough evidence to procecute him. Rumor is that he was on cocaine as well as drinking. Police have pictures of the beer bottles in the boat. Suprise!

Now, what are the chances this man will be prosecuted for killing my neighbor???? My neighbor, Shawn had hundreds of people visit and I have know him for over a dozen years. He was a good boy (man) and I have never heard a bad word about him. As people came around, it was amazing to find all the people that knew another person that knew him. People told all the stories about him and how he gave his number to anyone in need and told them to call day or night if they had a problem. He always had an ear for someone with a problem.

I talked to neighbors I didn't even know that knew him and learned far more than I thought I did. I learned he was the most talented and most coordinated at riding dirt bikes. He could do things that others only could try. All the adults talked of that they had never seen a kid more safety conscious than he.

My neighbors are now morning the loss of their only son. The first story was hard enough burying a loved one taken so needlessly. But now to bury one's own child is even harder. I was not close with Shawn, but I did harass him regularly. I still look down the street for him to come home.

Can family money keep this killer out of jail too? Is it his first incident or his fourth? It is an election year, is their contribution needed by the prosecutor? I hear the family is upset, they may loose some money to the family of the dead boy. I guess they are already putting a value on the death of my neighbor. The day after the death, their lawyer had already started contacting my neighbors’ friends. They were already trying to get statements from them while they were grieving.

Just how much are your family members worth? Do you have enough money to kill someone and stay out of jail? He is in rehab at this time. Start of that process to convince a jury of how he is the victim. It appears the price of the police in Arlington, Texas is not very high. It looks like the killer of Shawn will get away with it. I’m sorry, some stories just have a pathetic ending.


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